We offer full linen rental service to meet your facilities linen requirements. With a rental service you will have your entire linen process outsourced and not have the headache of laundering and managing your linen inventory. The benefits of a rental program include no inventory investment, no equipment costs, no employee costs for laundering, consistent monthly expenses, and automatic replacement of lost, missing, or damaged items. Every linen rental program is custom tailored and unique to each customer and upon the signing of a service agreement all linen will be ordered new solely for your facility.

Customer Own

If you own your linen and are looking for a service to pick up, wash and deliver we offer “C.O.G” (Customer’s Own Goods) accounts. We are unique from other laundry services in that we Lot wash to ensure no cross contamination or mixed linen with other customers. As a C.O.G customer you can rest assure from the moment your laundry is picked up it is never mixed with any other customer’s goods so that there is no cross contamination between soiled linens and so that our customer’s always receive the right linen back that they handed in.


We offer custom embroidering and company logos for your lab coats. If you are a customer that would need names changed to your existing lab coats regularly or just want them embroidered when you receive them we can get this done while your lab coats are at our facility being washed. This way it is returned to you clean and with the new requested name, saving you and your physicians’ time and hassle trying to find a third party to meet your embroidering needs while having a separate company for your laundering.

Mat and Mop Service

We offer full mat service for your facility as well as mop service. We offer a variety of mat colors and also custom logo artwork. If you are looking to add mat service to your laundering needs or just need mat service give us a call.

Emergency Pick-up

If you have a laundry emergency where you cannot process your linen due to an emergency do not hesitate to call. We are open from 8am to 5pm and will make arrangements as necessary to get your linen up and running and continue service as long as necessary. Emergency calls are subject to separate rates.