Hospital Laundry Service - Doctors Laundry Service
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  • July 24th, 2023
Hospital corridor and nurses station


If you are a hospital looking for a laundry service, DLS offers state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, along with a knowledgeable staff to provide you with a linen service as unique as your patients. All of our laundered linens will come wrapped in plastic to meet the highest standards of the medical industry and to assure that the linen is uncontaminated from the time it leaves our facility until it reaches your patient.

Here at Doctors Laundry, we also ensure quality by using the most trusted name in chemicals for the medical industry nationwide: Gurtler Industries. Being powered by Gurtler Chemical Industries, we guarantee that your linen is being treated with the right chemicals for the job, as every wash is uniquely evaluated to ensure the most safe and economical formula so that your linen is as sterile as it is enjoyable and remains that way for many washes to come.